Sunday, August 7, 2016

I am thankful for the Sabbath

I am sitting here just resting after we attended our church meetings, enjoying the peacefulness of the day. I am really grateful that Heavenly Father has set apart Sunday's as his day, a day we can reflect on our spiritual well being and come closer to Him and his Son. Now I would love to say that as for me and my family Sundays always look picture perfect: my husband and I sitting together reading scriptures as our children listen intently after we have come home from a relaxing day at church. Yum not so much here's the reality of it...Most Sunday mornings I usually have the same talk with my six year old that  he has to go to church no matter how boring church can be. My husband is off to meetings way before any of us are out of bed leaving me to prod my  reluctant six year old to get dressed and eat  before we head off. After the kids are dressed and ready we head to church usually just before they say the sacrament meeting opening prayer . After the prayer then both my kids ask for snacks and a drink. I grew up thinking I would have the luxury of having my husband sitting with our family without our church meetings but it seems that since the beginning of our marriage he has been some sort of leadership calling making that not so much possibility. Please don't get me wrong I am not venting here just giving you a little peak into our not  so picture perfect Sundays. After church I am usually tried and plop down for a nap while the kids play outside or get into something. My husband comes home from his meeting just in time for dinner and on some Sunday's he's off to another after we have a quick family meal that evening. There are  some Sundays  where we get to have  family time and the evening together.  However admits the whirlwind of it all I am really grateful for Sunday and the fact the we have the opprotunity to work on making  it a different day.... (and our Sabbaths are definitely a work in progress).  A day we focus on things of a spiritual nature. A day to serve , a day to rest, a day to reflect and give thanks. And as we truly make an effort to make it the Lords day I know the Lord will bless us with happier homes and lives.
I was on the other day and came across this blog post about making the Sabbath day holier and more of a delight.  I am going to try these ideas out and hope  you find them helpful.

Happy Sabbath!!
❤️ Bethany

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Green Beans with Turkey Bacon

This is a tasty little dish. You need fresh green beans,some turkey bacon -use two to three slices and a little bit of olive oil and pinch of salt. Cut the bacon in bite size pieces, cook them in a pan for three or so mins on medium heat. Add washed, cut in half green beans and a little bit of olive oil and cover the pan. Check and stir every two to three mins -you don't want to over cook them. They are done when they are a little tender. Sprinkle salt to taste. Delish!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Grain free Blender Waffles

I had to post this recipe because these are  so delicious and my Mom keeps asking me to. These waffles are fast and easy to make and taste great. My Mom was over at my house when I was trying this recipe out and I had her try one and she loved it. So this is for you Mom! xoxo

Pumpkin Purée

Happy Fall!! In honor  of fall I am adding a post on how to make your own pumpkin purée using a crock pot and a blender. I love pumpkin dishes they are so hearty and nutritious. I also love the  fact that by making my own pumpkin purée I get to by pass the aluminum can that store bought pumpkin purée sits in, making it taste so yummy and fresh. So making your own purée is as easy as saying pumpkin:
This is what ya do....
1. Buy a pumpkin at the grocery store. I went to Trader Joes and bought a small pumpkin in the produce section.
2. Pull out your crock pot and place pumpkin in it and set it on high.
3. Cook for about two to three hours. You will tell that it  is done when you can insert a fork into it without any resistance.
4. After it is done cooking cut it in half , scrape out all seeds and pumpkin strings. Set aside. Then scrape out  the pumpkin and place it in a bowl. Now put a little amount of water in the bottom of the blender and add the pumpkin. Blend until smooth.
P.S. Save the seeds to plant a pumpkin for next year ( my kids got really excited about growing their own pumpkin) or toast them in the oven with a little salt and olive oil for a tasty pumpkin seed treat.

How to make a Magnetic Chalkboard

So here are a few of the things I used and you will need to make the chalkboard....
1) Tin snips- I found these at HomeDepot they weren't that expensive and very much needed for this project.
2) Chalkboard paint- this you can buy at Wal Mart or Home Depot in the paint section.
3) Paint roller-this was far easier to use and made the the paint look much more even than using a paint brush I found that little guy at Big Lots for a couple of bucks.
4) Sheet metal-again go to your local Home Depot for this.
5) Frame. I decided to look at a local thrift store for one and got lucky. 
However I made some changes to it when I brought it home by taking a piece of sandpaper and 
sanding the it to give it a distressed look. 
6)Permanent marker and gloves.

Now what.....Here are the steps:

 1)Usually frames come with piece of cardboard or paper beneath the glass. Use one of these and place it on your sheet metal.With a permanent marker trace the outside edges on to your sheet metal.
2)Put the gloves on and take your tin snips and cut the sheet metal along the permanent marker.
3)Take the chalkboard paint and with the roller brush apply the first coat of paint. Let dry 3+hrs.
The painting process is the only part that takes some patients.  Apply second coat. Wait about the same amount of time. Apply third coat. After third coat you can decide if you want to apply fourth coat. I only applied three coats but depending on the amount of ware it will have  you might to apply another coat.
4)Let it sit for three days. After three days you will then condition chalkboard. This makes it easier to erase the chalk board. Take piece of white chalk and apply to whole chalkboard. Then wipe if off with a dry cloth or eraser.
5)Take chalkboard and place in frame. And enjoy!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I have been enjoying this free  'Not Back to School' homeschool summit! It last all September long and features many homeschooling "experts" sharing their amazing ideas and experience. Just click on the link below and register for the summit for free! It has been what I need right now to recharge my homeschooling....
This is a camping favorite for my family- tin foil dinners. The other night I was trying to think of an easy, nutritious meal and this was what I came up with. It only takes a couple of ingredients- I used potatoes, carrots, onions and celery for veggies with organic chicken breast and butter, salt, sage for flavor and it turned out yummy! Best of all it was easy clean up!! To cook let your grill heat up nice and hot and cook each foil pocket for 12-15 minuets turning over every 4-5 mins. You could totally experiment with different veggie meat combos and flavors. Sometimes I like to use ground beef and adding tomatoes gives you more of a broth.