Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to make a Magnetic Chalkboard

So here are a few of the things I used and you will need to make the chalkboard....
1) Tin snips- I found these at HomeDepot they weren't that expensive and very much needed for this project.
2) Chalkboard paint- this you can buy at Wal Mart or Home Depot in the paint section.
3) Paint roller-this was far easier to use and made the the paint look much more even than using a paint brush I found that little guy at Big Lots for a couple of bucks.
4) Sheet metal-again go to your local Home Depot for this.
5) Frame. I decided to look at a local thrift store for one and got lucky. 
However I made some changes to it when I brought it home by taking a piece of sandpaper and 
sanding the it to give it a distressed look. 
6)Permanent marker and gloves.

Now what.....Here are the steps:

 1)Usually frames come with piece of cardboard or paper beneath the glass. Use one of these and place it on your sheet metal.With a permanent marker trace the outside edges on to your sheet metal.
2)Put the gloves on and take your tin snips and cut the sheet metal along the permanent marker.
3)Take the chalkboard paint and with the roller brush apply the first coat of paint. Let dry 3+hrs.
The painting process is the only part that takes some patients.  Apply second coat. Wait about the same amount of time. Apply third coat. After third coat you can decide if you want to apply fourth coat. I only applied three coats but depending on the amount of ware it will have  you might to apply another coat.
4)Let it sit for three days. After three days you will then condition chalkboard. This makes it easier to erase the chalk board. Take piece of white chalk and apply to whole chalkboard. Then wipe if off with a dry cloth or eraser.
5)Take chalkboard and place in frame. And enjoy!!

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